Note from our Pastor:

As the weather is pleasant outside in the spring and summer, we all sometimes take walks.  Walking is good for the body and the soul.

In the Bible we read that Jesus walked a lot.  He walked by the Sea of Galilee (Matthew 4:18).  He walked by Matthew at his tax collector's booth (Matthew 9:9) and Jesus even walked on water!  (Matthew 14:25).  Jesus taught His disciples as they walked from place to  place.  One New Testament scholar suggests that some 75% of the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament took place as Jesus and His disciples were walking between places.

In the rest of the New Testament "walking" is an operative term used for the Christian life.  Paul spoke of the need to "walk" the Christian life (Romans 6:4, 8:4) and exhorts his reader to "walking the Spirit" (Galatians 5:16) and to "walk in love" (Ephesians 5:2).

So I ask you how's your walk going?  Are you getting our for some physical walks to experience God outside or walking with a friend to see how they are doing?  How's your walk with Christ?  Or perhaps you aren't even sure what that means?

If you are visiting this web page, I encourage you to visit our church to explore your walk with Christ.  Maybe you are new to the area and looking for a place to strengthen your walk with Christ.  We'd love to meet you as we journey together to get closer to Jesus.  We believe in Jesus - Who walked the earth, died for our sins, rose from the dead, and lives today and is coming back.  Like the hymn we sometimes sing about Jesus, "He Walks With Me and Talks With Me and Tells Me I Am His Own."

​​Blessings to you !

       Pastor Bob 

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Rev. Bob Sheldon has been our Pastor for the past 16 years.  Previously he has served as the Assistant Pastor/Director of Youth Ministries at the First Baptist Church of Westerlo, N.Y. for 14 years.  Bob graduated from Alliance Theological Seminary, in Nyack, N.Y., and from Kings' College, in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.  Bob and his wife Heather have two children.  They enjoy fishing together in a bright orange canoe. 

Pastor Bob Sheldon