Pastor Bob Sheldon

A note from our Pastor: ​


    Has anyone asked you a question today?  "What time is it?"  "What is the weather supposed to be tomorrow?"  "Are you going to that?"  "What for dinner?" and so on.  Children ask a lot of questions and that's how they learn.  They learn and grow as they are faced with questions and answer them.  And sometimes a string of words with a question mark at the end changes things for us.
    Jesus asked a lot of questions.  Jesus asks good questions, unnerving questions, transforming questions.  Hear a few of the questions Jesus asks us.  How will you answer?  Try praying your answer to some of these or even journaling your answer!  Jesus asks:

  • What do you want Me to do for you?  (Mark 10:36)
  • What are you thinking in your heart?  (Luke 5:22)
  • Do you want to be well?  (John 5:6)
  • Why are you anxious about clothes?  (Matthew 6:28)
  • What were you arguing about?  (Mark 9:33)
  • Why are you weeping?  (John 20:15)
  • Do you love me?  (John 21:17)  

As your pastor, let me ask you a few questions, for if I don't ask, who will?

  • How is your relationship with Jesus?
  • What secret worries do you have?
  • How is your relationship wit your spouse?  Your children?
  • When in your life lately have you really sensed God's presence?
  • When was the last time you laughed out loud?
  • How are you involving yourself in the current vision of goals our church of Reaching Up to God, Reaching Within the Body of Christ, and Reaching Out to Others?
  • Have you taken time off for rest and recuperation lately?    

Questions are important.  I'd be interested in hearing some of your answers to some of these questions.  Through a phone call, email, letter, or visit.  And remember - Jesus asks us questions because He cares enough to want to know.  As clergyman John Dear writes, "Jesus' questions reveal His great love for the human race."  So Jesus and others such as myself ask questions because we care, and we know that questions can help diagnose that state of our souls.
Pastor Bob