Note from our Pastor:

As a pastor I see many people disappointed, discouraged, and dissatisfied at Christmas time.  There are multiple reasons for this, but it seems that some of the joy stealing that happens which turns the 'happiest' time of the year to the 'hardest' are the great expectations that we seem to ramp up once December hits.  We expect to have 'the best Christmas ever.'  Year after year if we have this expectation, it quickly becomes unrealistic and unsustainable.  We over spend, over schedule, over eat, over commit, overdo and soon we are overdone.  When our experience doesn't match our expectation, we quickly become frustrated and grumpy.  

And let's remember the expectations of the first Christmas.  People looking forward to the Messiah expected Him to be born in a place, yet He was born in a stable.  Some expected His parents to be a royal couple, but He was born to a poor unwed teenager.            And after He was born Jesus constantly was disappointing people not living up to their expectations of being a military or political deliverer.  But we know the end of the story and how Jesus exceeds expectations.  He lived a sinless life, died, and rose from the dead to bring life, forgiveness, and joy to all who will receive Him.  This Christmas let's be careful what expectations we allow to enter into our mindset.  Instead let's put into practice the lyric we sing, "Where meek souls receive Him still the dear Christ enters in." 

Come worship with us on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. and Christmas Eve at 5:00 p.m.  and experience Christ Who will exceed our expectations of love and truth!  

​​​​​Blessings to you !

       Pastor Bob 

Pastor Bob Sheldon

Rev. Bob Sheldon has been our Pastor for the past 17 years.  Previously he has served as the Assistant Pastor/Director of Youth Ministries at the First Baptist Church of Westerlo, N.Y. for 14 years.  Bob graduated from Alliance Theological Seminary, in Nyack, N.Y., and from Kings' College, in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.  Bob and his wife Heather have two children.  They enjoy fishing together in a bright orange canoe.