A note from our Pastor:

Has anyone asked you a question today?  "What time is it?"  "What is the weather supposed to be tomorrow?"  "Are you going to that?"  "What's for dinner?"  and so on.  Children ask a lot of questions and that's how they learn.  They learn and grow as they are faced with questions and answer them.  And sometimes a string of words with a question mark at the end can change things for us.

Jesus asked a lot of questions,  Jesus asks good questions, unnerving questions, and transforming questions.  Here are a few of the questions Jesus asks us below.  How will you answer?

          *What do you want Me to do for you?  (Mark 10:36)

          *What are you thinking in your hearts?  (Luke 5:22)

          *Do you want to be well?  (John 5:6)

          *Why are you anxious about clothes?  (Matthew 6:28)

          *What are you arguing about?  (Mark 9:33)

          *Why are you weeping?  (John 20:15)

          *Do you love Me?  (John 21:17)

Now allow me to ask a few questions of you:

          *Do you have time for God?

          *How is your relationship with Jesus?

          *How is your relationship with your spouse?  Your children?

          *When in your life lately have you really sensed God's presence?

          *When was the last time you came to church to worship?

Questions are important.  Maybe one of these questions has got you thinking or caused you to pause.  Maybe you are seeking or looking to get back on track.  We'd love to have you join us in worship as we look into God's Word, hear Jesus' questions to us, and respond to Him.

​         God's blessings to you,

             Pastor Bob




Pastor Bob Sheldon

Rev. Bob Sheldon has been our Pastor for the past 15 years.  Previously he has served as the Assistant Pastor/Director of Youth Ministries at the First Baptist Church of Westerlo, N.Y. for 14 years.  Bob graduated from Alliance Theological Seminary, in Nyack, N.Y., and from Kings' College, in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.  With his New York background he is a big New York Rangers hockey fan, but don't worry his wife Heather is a big Boston Red Sox fan!