Pastor Bob Sheldon

A note from our Pastor: 

I was a youth pastor for fourteen years in New York.  I have now been here thirteen years as the pastor of EBC. What still gets me excited about being a pastor?  Here’s a partial list of some things I’ve seen at EBC in the past few months:

*Baptism of someone who has tu
rned his life over to Jesus and his life around.
*Children praising the Lord at Vacation Bible School led in worship by middle school students.
*The Bible preached Sunday after Sunday.
*Our church family reaching out to families in transition by providing meals for them at their homes (a  family with a new baby and a family dealing with serious health issues).
*Our church family praying for one another.
*Our church family participating in the Community Walk at Borderland State Park for Suicide Awareness and Prevention.
*Meeting in homes during the week (Meal & A Message) where our church family is trying to connect more with God and with each other.

So seeing these things in our church family still gets me excited to serve our Lord.  If you are visiting our website we ask you to visit our church – come to a worship service and learn and grow with us.

Blessings to you,
 Pastor Bob