Pastor Bob Sheldon

Rev. Bob Sheldon has been our Pastor for the past 16 years.  Previously he has served as the Assistant Pastor/Director of Youth Ministries at the First Baptist Church of Westerlo, N.Y. for 14 years.  Bob graduated from Alliance Theological Seminary, in Nyack, N.Y., and from Kings' College, in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.  Bob and his wife Heather have two children.  They enjoy fishing together in a bright orange canoe. 

Note from our Pastor:

       Things are looking up!  Spring is here!  We are all welcoming spring this year! 

       Spring reminds us of new life and how Jesus rose up from the grave!

       We here at Easton Baptist Church want to encourage you to keep looking up.  Looking up to God for help, comfort, guidance and hope.  In a world that seems to always be looking down, we need to remember to look up to Jesus.

       It's interesting that we use the word up in so many ways in the English language.  For instance, we wake up in the morning.  Topics come up for discussion.  We call up our friends.  We lock up our home.  We fix up our car.  We line up at the cash register.  We get dressed up.  We can get mixed up figuring out the weather as it clouds up and then clears up.  I don't want to take up too much of your time so, I'll wrap this up...

       But I do want to remind you to look up to our Savior Who can brighten up your day and change up your life.  Here at Easton Baptist Church we want to lift up the name of Jesus and again I encourage you to lift up your cares to Jesus in prayer and look up to Him.  For in John 12:32 Jesus says, "And when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself." 

Click on the link below for a song that should lift you up!


​​May God bless you!

       Pastor Bob