We have Sunday School Classes for ALL ages Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. - 10:10 a.m.

Two Adult Electives Classes are available:

 Jan. 5th - Feb. 23rd

(8 weeks - 2 options)

The New Testament You Never Knew - taught by Janet Aronson and Nicole Maguire in our Fellowship Hall

This study explores the context, purpose, and meaning of the Story of God.  You'll be saying, "I Never Knew That!"  Bible scholars N.T. Wright and Michael F. Bird, who have between them written over one hundred books on theology and the New Testament, team up to take us on a tour of the story behind the story of the New Testament.  By discovering things you never knew about the setting of Jesus' birth, the events of His ministry, the meaning of His death and resurrection, and the birth of the early church, you will uncover new significance in familiar texts, and in doing so, the Scriptures will impact your life in a way they never have before. 

Suicide-The Topic No One Wants To Talk About - taught by Pastor Bob in the Meeting Room (#1) 4 week class

Suicide is not a topic or word we like to talk about but this class will open up the discussion.  Pastor Bob will share his experience of having someone close to him take their own life.  We will look up some scriptures, read a few articles, and one week watch a video.


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