The Couch is the place for those ready to know God on the deepest level.

The Couch isn’t for every student; some may not be ready and that’s okay. Students will be invited to attend when leaders feel they are ready or students may ask to come when they feel they are ready to commit to this level.

Split up into groups of 2-3 teens, the emphasis @ The Couch is a strong diet of scripture, being real by asking each other tough questions, and committing to praying for specific people who don’t know Jesus.

Each student is assigned to a 2.3 Group (group of 2 or 3) with friends they trust. The first 30 minutes will be the 2.3 Group discussing how God spoke to them through their reading for the week (about 20-30 chapters). During this time a mentor is available for each group to participate in the discussion, but NOT lead it.

The second 30 minutes is a time to be authentic with one another. The mentor is NOT present at this time. It is peer-to-peer confessions, sharing with each other your struggles as much as you feel comfortable. Through time, each group tends to open up more and more and genuine relationships start to form. Each group is provided with a list of example questions to ask each other in order to guide the time of confession. Speaking truth leads to living in freedom.

​In the last 30 minutes each student chooses 2-3 friends or family members who don’t know Jesus yet and takes time to pray together for them specifically. During prayer time the goal is to ask God to give us opportunities in these friend’s lives to talk more about Him and represent Him accurately. Our hope is that the individuals we pray for will come to The Gate or come to know Christ and want to join our 2.3 Group – making the group 4 students, which will eventually have to split into two groups of two and start over. Coming Soon. Grades 6-12.

Contact Kenny if interested at