​​Kenny Woodward, Our Director of Student Ministries

Before coming to Easton Baptist and returning home to Massachusetts, Kenny served as a Youth Pastor in three previous churches from Connecticut, Massachusetts and Florida where he was part of a church planting team.  He graduated from Lee University in 2008 with a BA in Pastoral Ministry and in 2014 from Wheaton College in Illinois with a MA in Evangelism and Leadership.

One of Kenny's passions is trying to figure out new

and best ways of being the Church of Jesus in this

generation.  He sees his purpose as encouraging and 

fostering spiritual development in teens from their

current level to the next, starting with the very basics

and partnering with students' parents.

Baseball and Football are his favorite sports, likes

the Red Sox and Patriots, but struggles with this his

love for sports since he thinks we as New Englanders

worship sports too much, sometimes even more than our Creator.

He also likes anything to do with athletics, the outdoors, traveling with his flight attendant wife :) and meeting new people!

If you have any questions about the youth ministry you can get a hold of Kenny at Kennywoodward.EBC@gmail.com or instagram: @KennyWood08